Toxic Leadership: Why Aren’t We Fixing It?

Do you have a way to recognize and fix toxic leadership? Let us show you how in our next Yomento Leadership Webinar. Join us for free!

Thursday, March 30th, 2023 at 12:45pm CET

The webinar will be held in English.

How do you find and fix toxic leadership in your organization? You probably don’t, since research shows that it’s blowing up! In fact, toxic leaders are everywhere and cost billions each year!
We will explore why toxic leadership is causing $550 billion to disappear annually, and show how to shield your organization.

How can this be when so much is spent on development? Isn’t it supposed to improve and grow leaders? Sadly, only 10-20% of what is learned in leadership programs is ever applied.

We believe the missing link to impactful leadership development is found in the DOING!

During the lightning-fast 30 min. we will explore:
  • What is true and toxic leadership?
  • Why toxic leadership exists and why it’s on the rise.
  • What the impact is on our bottom-line.
  • What the impact is on your bottom-line.
  • Why today’s approach to leadership development fails to address the problem.
  • How to make leaders accountable for showing up as true leaders.
  • How to structure development to deliver true measurable growth in leadership performance.
Listen to our upcoming lunch webinar where we discuss why today’s approach to leadership development is not fixing the toxic leader dilemma.

We will show how you can perform a current state analysis of leadership, define important key figures to follow up on, and get a heatmap on whether your leaders are “True or Toxic.”

Tom Hammar

CEO & Head of Leadership
Tom is a researcher “by heart”, obsessed with how to change habits and behaviors to enable real change. With almost 20 years of experience as a leader developer at organizations such as King, Klarna, ABB, Electrolux, H&M and Volvo Cars, he encourages and guides leaders and teams to step out of their comfort zone and into their learning zone.
Thursday, March 30th, 2023 at 12:45pm CET

Toxic Leadership: Why Aren’t We Fixing It?