Stronger teams through strong leadership

Dreams makes it easy to realise your goals. Tens of thousands of customers have reached their personal ones, and now the Dreams team is getting help with their professional ones too. With the overall purpose of building high engagement and strong teams in the organization, Dreams chose Yomento to support their leadership development. All formal and informal leaders have embarked on a 6-month training program  – on the job. 

The mission
  • Create empowered and highly engaged teams through leadership
  • Increase leadership scores on an organizational level, measured via pulse surveys
  • Include formal as well as informal leaders in the training
  • Launch a 6-month training program on the job 
The Yomento + Dreams training program

The Yomento platform is developed to inspire and support leaders to practice leadership behaviors every day. With Yomento, all leaders at Dreams have their own personal leadership trainer in their pocket, and are nudged to practice leadership in their natural flow of their daily work. 

The training sessions are short, taking up less than 1% of the leader’s time. The app supports the leader in what to do, why it is important, and how to do it – but the actual training takes place in real situations at work.

“Leadership doesn’t take place in a silo – it consists of the very real actions we take all day, every day,” says Yomento CEO Henrik Ståhle. “But that doesn’t mean it has to be time-consuming. At Yomento we make leadership training bite-sized and easy to incorporate on-the-job. It is about building habits which create lasting impact.” 

Regular meetups and training reports

The work culture at Dreams is based on collaboration and empowering each other –  which is why the program also includes regular meetups, where leaders gather in smaller groups to discuss their training, learnings, and challenges. Aggregated training data, in terms of training frequency, focus areas, team feedback, and training effects is shared regularly with the leaders. This insight motivates the leaders to stay on track with their daily training, and also provides interesting points of discussions for their meetups.

Caroline Thomasdotter is Chief People and Culture Officer at Dreams: “Bringing leaders together regularly to discuss their training and leadership practices is a simple yet very effective way to socialize the training, keeping us motivated and engaged.”  

To measure the effects of their training initiative, Dreams uses pulse surveys. Caroline Thomasdotter emphasizes that the company measures their  leadership progress on an organizational level, rather than measuring individual leaders. 

“We want this to be a joint leadership journey, where we all contribute to strengthen the leadership at Dreams.

“Being successful as a leader depends on the ability to create and retain motivated, aligned and committed teams. Leadership is earned, not gifted to some lucky few by the universe. ”

“It’s an honor to work with partners like Dreams, with similar values,” says Henrik Ståhle, CEO at Yomento.  “We are both revolutionary in our fields and dedicated to empowering people and making their lives better. We can tell from our training data that the team at Dreams are all onboard and we can’t wait to watch these leaders grow!”

Daily leadership training for better results


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