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Proven to Make Better Leaders

Improved Leadership Index

Training with Yomento has a positive correlation with effects on Leadership Index

Satisfied Leaders

92 % of all leaders say they become better leaders using Yomento

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We Rethink How Leaders Grow And Develop

Action Oriented

Train daily leadership behaviors for immediate effect

Data Driven

Track progress, for both the leader and the organization

Results Focused

Measure the effects of training, and connect results with company KPIs.


Yomento Helps Leaders Take Action

Every leader practice 5 minutes per day at work. This means there’s no separation between training and actual leadership – it happens at the same time. And it has immediate effects on team members.

Real-time aggregated data insights​

Get a deeper understanding of the leadership in your organization. Track training, and benchmark and measure its effects in order to continuously improve your physical initiatives and strategic roadmap.

Learn How Our Customers Use Yomento

Pia Pierre, Head of L&D, Menigo

“With daily training, we expect and encourages our leaders to reach new heights. Also, by measuring the frequency of practice and observing both our strengths and weaknesses, we can become more proactive in how we support all of our leaders, enabling us to achieve greater results.”

Maria Nylén, Chief People & Culture Officer, Blocket

“Since we started with Yomento, our training is always on the agenda when all leaders meet. I present our training data and we discuss how the training is going; what’s challenging or difficult. The leaders have been very positive about this format.”

Nina Hermansen, HR Manager, Schibsted SMS
“I want our leaders to feel that we, as an employer, are truly committed to support them in their important roles. Therefore, it is important to me that I can follow both their progress and how they themselves experience the leadership training with Yomento”

What The Leaders Are Saying

Lina, Team leader Purchasing Department
“Everything is so new for me as a leader, and Yomento gives me a very strong foundation. Now I understand how to act and what to do with my leadership. The reminders help me to take action during the day, otherwise it’s so easy to get caught up and forget to be a leader.”
Susanne, Contact Center Manager
“Yomento is a simple tool that gives me tips and ideas in my daily leadership. I feel more confident in my role and truly believe that I’ve improved as a leader. A success factor for me has been to spend 10-15 minutes a few evenings at home on the couch planning my upcoming trainings and behvaiors.”
Lotta, Head of Marketing & Execution
“I have become more aware of how much difference I can make to a colleague with small, continuous efforts. I also like to be able to involve my employees in leadership training to be more relevant to me and to them.”
Johan, Chief Sales Officer
“I love it! It is not rocket science, but it helps me improve a little here and a little there. And most importantly – it reminds me to actually practice these behaviors!”
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Our Leadership Point of View

We believe that

  • leadership is a set of behaviors
  • frequency of action is essential
  • building habits trumps knowledge
  • leadership development should be simple
  • every day is game day
  • maintaining a learning
  • mindset is key

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The opportunity for your organization

  • Offer leadership skills training to all leaders for a stronger culture
  • Make sure your leaders actively develop the right skills for better results
  • Get data insights to measure ROI and effective decision making
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