Trusted by the World's Leading Organizations
Trusted by the World's Leading Organizations
Our Challenge

Identifying your toxic leaders and helping them develop into your true leaders!

70% are hoping for a new manager

“7 out of 10 young professionals would rather change managers than receive a pay raise.”


$500B cost per year

“Active disengagement from toxic bosses costs U.S. companies $450 – 500B per year.”


Leadership Measured

The Yomento Leadership Scan

With our Leadership Scan, you can identify your true leaders, toxic leaders, and growing leaders – as well as measure if, and how, they develop.

True Leaders

A true leader holds him or herself accountable for finding and growing the potential in people.

These are authentic leaders who frequently utilize leadership behaviors that lead to psychological safety, trust, and inspired performance.

Toxic Leaders

Toxic leaders are destructive (often unintentionally) toward the people they influence and the overall workplace. By not utilizing leadership behaviors often enough, they fall short in meeting the needs of the people they lead. This results in a lack of trust and underperformance.


What our Customers Say About Yomento.

“It was absolutely fantastic results! Simply put; over 90% thought they benefited from it, that they became better leaders and that they would like to recommend the tool to other leaders.”

— Urban Andenius

Head of Leadership at Volvo Cars

“With daily training, we expect and encourages our leaders to reach new heights. Also, by measuring the frequency of practice and observing both our strengths and weaknesses, we can become more proactive in how we support all of our leaders, enabling us to achieve greater results.”

— Pia Pierre
Head of L&D, Menigo

“Since we started with Yomento, our training is always on the agenda when all leaders meet. I present our training data and we discuss how the training is going; what’s challenging or difficult. The leaders have been very positive about this format.”

— Maria Nylén

Chief People & Culture Officer at Blocket

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Our data shows that 16% of a company’s leaders are viewed as toxic.
Research shows that a toxic leader can cost your company $500,000 annually.