The Yomento Effect

Real-time data from all our members

97 %


Say they've become more aware of their daily behaviors

92 %

Skill development

Say they've become better leaders

96 %


Say they recommend Yomento to other leaders

92 %

Improvement score

Say they they've improved in their daily leadership

Training with immediate effects on engagement and performance

Yomento asks every member to invest just 1% of their time.
That’s bite-sized, effective training.



Training at every leader’s own pace, in their own environment.


Sharing training data and experiences for long-term engagement.

Feedback driven

Including input from team members to help the leader take the right actions.

Data driven

Tracking progress and measuring effects for real growth.


Optimize the training to suit your organizational needs

Do you have your own leadership framework or company values, and want to integrate them into the training program?

No problem! Contact us to learn more about how we adapt the training program to fit your company needs.


Our leadership approach

We believe that leadership is a skill, a capability. Everyone can become great leaders if they practice in their daily environment, in the flow of work.

The behaviors and content in our training is based on the latest research. The format is based on Cognitive Behavioral Theory principles to make practice happen, gradually and successfully forming new habits.

Seeing is believing

Try it out yourself! A free trial version is available on AppStore and Google Play.

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